AngularJS Concetps

Please find the following significant concepts of the Angular JS

1. Template

HTML acts as the template engine with additional markups.

2. Directives

Extends the HTML DOM with the custom attributes .


The values that are stored in variables on the scope are referred to as the model


Block or context in the HTML. So that Model is stored where controllers and directives can access it.


An expression in a template is a JavaScript-like code snippet that allows to read and write variables. Note that those variables are not global variables. Just like variables in a JavaScript function live in a scope,


When Angular starts your application, it parses and processes this new markup from the template using the compiler.


A filter formats the value of an expression for display to the user


The loaded, transformed and rendered DOM is then called the view.

9.Data Binding

Whenever the input values change, the value of the expressions are automatically recalculated and the DOM is updated with their values. The concept behind this is two-way data binding.


Business logic behind views.
The purpose of controllers is to expose variables and functionality to expressions and directives.

11.Dependency Injection

Creates and wires objects and functions


Dependency Injection (DI) is a software design pattern that deals with how objects and functions get created and how they get a hold of their dependencies. Everything within Angular (directives, filters, controllers, services, ...) is created and wired using dependency injection. Within Angular, the DI container is called the injector.


To use Dependency Injection, there needs to be a place where all the things that should work together are registered. In Angular JS, this is the purpose of the modules.


View-independent logic from the controller into a service, so it can be reused by other parts of the application as well. Can be accessed from the different controllers.


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