ExtJS Classes - OOPS

This article will explain you the  Ext JS’ concept of OOP and class-based programming.
  1. Classes and Instances
  2. Inheritance (polymorphism)
  3. Encapsulation 
  • ExtJS Object oriented programming

     Below Example to Understand EXTJS classes


     Parent Class calc

     Ext.define('calc', { //Define Key word to create Class in ExtJS
         constructor: function (config) {
             Ext.apply(this, config);
         getSum: function () {
             return this.x + this.y;
         getMultiplication: function () {
             return this.x * this.y;
         getDivision: function() {
            return this.x / this.y;

    Child Class Add extends Parent calc

      Ext.define('Add', {
         extend: 'calc',
         add: function() {
             return this.getSum();

    Instance Created for class Add

     var sum = Ext.create('Add', {x:10, y:15});
     Ext.Msg.alert('Addition', sum.add()); 

    Pictorial representation of Class and objects

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