End to End Automation Testing

End to End testing is about testing the flow of the application. Basically, It is a Black Box testing to ensure the system works as planned from an end user’s perspective. From an end user perspective, user doesn’t care if a service works as planned; they care about the functionality of our app works as expected.
Why to Automate End to End testing?
We can think of it as a way to automate starting the app in our browser and clicking through the workflow of the application. It is important for us to be able to determine where the bugs are and try to eliminate them before they show up in production. It would be inefficient for us to click through the application manually, so we’ll script our tests to happen automatically.
  1. ·        Will reduce the manual effort for E2E testing whenever the build is released for System Integration Testing.
  2. ·        Can be integrated into the part of build process, which will improve the continuous integration. 
  3. ·        Can be utilized in the Regression Testing cycle to reduce the manual effort

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