Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator | Operate Running Systems Question and Answers | Cheatsheet

Which command display available systemd unit types?
Ans: systemctl -t help

Which command(s) would reboot the system five minutes from now and notify all users on the system of the impending reboot?
Ans: shutdown -r +5 rebooting!

Which command would not perform a reboot on the system?
Ans: systemd reboot

Which command would not power off the system?
Ans: systemd poweroff

Which command(s) would move the system into the
Ans: systemctl isolate

Which command(s) would list all service unit configuration files regardless of whether they are active or not?
Ans: systemctl --type=service --all

How can you list all failed service unit configuration files?
Ans: systemctl --failed --type=service

How can you list the active state of all loaded service unit configuration files?
Ans: systemctl list-units --type=service

How do you view the disabled/enabled settings of all units with the type "service"?
Ans: systemctl list-unit-files --type=service

Which man page shows information about unit configuration files and their locations?
Ans: systemd.unit

Which man page shows specific configuration options for a service unit configuration?
Ans: man systemd.service

How do you find all man pages associated with systemd?
Ans: apropos systemd

Which command(s) would list unit configuration files that are dependencies for the network target?
Ans: systemctl list-dependencies

Which command(s) would show all available targets on the system?
Ans: systemctl list-unit-files --type=target

If your system is currently in the, which command(s) would move it out of the and into the
Ans: systemctl isolate

What line in the bootloader entry do you need to edit after interrupting the boot process to change the current boot target?
Ans: linux16

As part of the application build-out on your Red Hat 7 Enterprise system, you have a process that is running backend maintenance tasks. These maintenance tasks are not important and shouldn't take priority over other tasks on the system. How might you tell the system to assign CPU usage to this process only after other higher priority items have been completed or only if they do not need the CPU?
Ans: Set the nice priority to 19 on the process using renice, nice or top.

Which "niceness" is the least favorable for a process?
Ans: 19

What is the percentage load average for the following processor count and given load for the 5 minute load average?

[root@localhost]# uptime
 09:55:50 up 16:35,  3 users,  load average: 4.05, 3.03, 3.75
[root@localhost ~]# grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo | wc -l


Which command displays all available kill signals?
Ans: kill -l

Which command creates or updates the manual page index caches; something you should run after installing new man pages
Ans: mandb

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