Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator exam | Question and Answers | AstuteJs

You need to set the execute bit on the finance directory and any subdirectories it might contain, but not on the files within them. This change must apply to all users. What methods might you use?

chmod a+X -R finance

Which directory contains the info files from which the info program reads?


What command would you use to install the star utility?

yum install star

How would you dump the contents of the /var/log/messages file into standard output, grep for all lines that contain "Memory" and then redirect the grep'ed result to /home/user/log.txt?

cat /var/log/messages | grep -i memory > /home/user/log.txt

You need to search the man pages that relate to the posix service.  What is one command that you could do to do this?

apropos postfix

How would you append the text "service=on" to the /etc/motd file?

echo "service=on" >> /etc/motd

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