Useful GIT branch commands

GIT commands are more powerful and flexible to use rather using GUI tools, Learning git commands will gives the insight of GIT and features. I am listing the most useful git commands with respect to branches.  

List Local and  Remote Branches
git branch -a

List  Remote Branches
git branch -r

List Branches with Recent commits
git branch show-branch

Switch to other branch
git switch <branch-name>

Display status of the checked out branch 
git status

Create tags
git tag -a "<tag name>" -m "<tag message>"

Display all the tags
git tag ls

Create branch from tag
git branch <branch name> <tag name>

Display Logs
git log

Delete Branch
git branch -d <branch name> - Local branch
git branch -d origin <branch name> - Delete remote branch (origin is the default remote branch)

Git - Basic Branching and Merging

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