HTML5 Interview Questions

  1. Can you name some HTML5 features/APIs?

  2. What is a DOCTYPE!?

  3. What is the difference between alt, title and longdesc attributes of the image tag?

  4. Do you understand what semantic markup is and do you follow it in your code?

  5. What are some possible values for the CSS position declaration?

  6. What is the default CSS position of any HTML object?

  7. What are some possible values for the CSS display declaration?

  8. What is the difference between display: none and visibility:

  9. What are some of the CSS3 pseudo classes/properties you have used?

  10. Any exposure to CSS preprocessors/frameworks?

  11. Have you used Object Orient JavaScript concepts in your work? What is your understanding of OOJS?

  12. Have you used prototype objects?

  13. What are closures?

  14. Which design patterns have you used/familiar with?

  15. Which JavaScript libraries/frameworks have you worked with

  16. Any exposure to Front End Architecture?

  17. What is your experience with templating?

  18. Have you used or are familiar with JavaScript testing?

  19. . What is your experience in mobile and mobile solutions?

  20. Have you used media queries?

  21. Have you worked on Responsive Design layouts?

  22. Any experience with libraries/frameworks?

  23. What is a DTD? What DTD do you generally use? Why? Pros and cons.

  24. Importance in selecting font size for a web page?

  25. a) What are the possible values for the display attribute that are supported by all browsers? b) What is the default value for the display attribute for the image element? (what is the difference between inline and block level elements) c)What does display: run-in do? d) Difference between “visibility:hidden” and “display:none”? What are the pros and cons of using display:none?

  26. Have you learned something new or interesting lately?

  27. Why did you get into coding, programming, etc.?

  28. What is your preferred development environment?

  29. What is the coolest thing you ever coded? Do you have any personal projects you are working on?

  30. How do you optimize a website’s assets?

  31. What are three ways to reduce page load time?

  32. What kind of things must you be wary of when design or developing for multilingual sites?

  33. What is HTML?

  34. What is the difference between HTML elements and tags?

  35. What is “Semantic HTML?”

  36. What does DOCTYPE mean?

  37. What’s the difference between standards mode and quirks mode?

  38. What are the limitations when serving XHTML pages?

  39. How many HTML tags are should be used for the most simple of web pages?

  40. How do you make comments without text being picked up by the browser?

  41. What is the difference between linking to an image, a website, and an email address?

  42. . My hyperlink or image is not displaying correctly, what is wrong with it?

  43. What is the syntax difference between a bulleted list and numbered list?

  44. What is the difference between and ?

  45. What is the difference between the application model of HTML and HTML5?

  46. Ok, what’s the real difference between HTML and HTML5?

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Biswabhusan said...

HTML5 is the 5th revision of basic HTML. Compare HTML4 HTML5 comes with many new features. Some of the Key features are Canvas, Media Elements, Form Elements, many tags, Application Cache, Local & Session Storage. Are you a UI Developer? In this week-end going to attained a walk-in. Read all possible HTML5 interview questions with Answers

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