ExtJS - Interview Questions

  1. Why we need javascript Library?
  2. Why did you choose Ext JS?
  3. What are major Web browsers supported by Ext JS framework?
  4. Integration of Web development server-side frameworks with Ext JS?
  5. Where Extjs extended from ?
  6. Extjs Ajax implementation?
  7. Do you have any advice for developers using Ext for the first time?
  8. How to access Dom element using EXTJS?
  9. what is the purpose of Element Object in Extjs?
  10. what is syntax for Extjs Button click event?
  11. what is use of Ext.onReady() function ?
  12. . For example, to show our message when any paragraph in our test page is clicked, what is the extjs code on paragraph click?
  13. out the extjs library files to include in JSP page?
  14. List out the css file required to apply Extjs Theme property?
  15. . what is purpose of MessageBox?
  16. write syntax for MessageBox show() method?
  17. is method to Update the message box body text for MessageBox?
  18. what is a widget?
  19. what is parent class for all stores in extjs? how many stores exists?
  20. How to handle event for a extjs component?
  21. How to find no of records in a store?
  22. How to handle exception while loading datastore?
  23. how to handle updates for store changes?
  24. is the purpose of each() in store?
  25. how to get modified records using store object?
  26. . how to get record using index?
  27. how to get record using id?
  28. what is the purpose of load() in store?
  29. is purpose of loadData() in store?
  30. How many types of layout managers exist in extjs?what are they?
  31. How we can apply pagination in grid panel ?
  32. what is xtype?
  33. what is vtype?
  34. how to get record object from store:
  35. . purpose of Load mask?
  36. purpose of renderer in grid panel?
  37. how to get selection model used in a grid panel?
  38. how to stop editing a record?
  39. how to start editing a record?
  40. how to commit a record modification?
  41. what is use of combo select event function?
  42. how to get a value of textfield or combo box?
  43. how to apply css on select of combo box?
  44. . what are components required for grid panel?
  45. how to hide the column in grid panel?
  46. How to register callbacks to the load and exception events of the JsonStore?
  47. extjs decode() ?
  48. what is maximum size of http post request ?
  49. Why did you choose Ext JS?
  50. What features could we add to Ext to make building a rich application like PLANet easier in the future?
  51. Do you have any advice for developers using Ext for the first time?
  52. ExtJS as a framework wrapping around widgets/constrols.
  53. Extjs Vs jQuery:
  54. Namespace importance:
  55. About EXTJS ver.2.2 :
  56. Difference between HTML and XHTML
  57. Features of EXTJS
  58. EXTJS Life cycle:
  59. Benefits of ExtJS:

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